Black Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Black Diamond Tennis Bracelet

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An 18ct pink gold tennis bracelet featuring 5ct of heat-treated black diamonds. (Also available in 18ct white gold.)

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Know Your Diamonds
Diamond Cuts

In their natural state, diamonds are quite dull. To bring out their inner lustre, each diamond must be individually cut and polished to create facets. These facets reflect the light and unlock the stone’s hidden brilliance.

Diamond Colour

Diamonds are created when carbon crystallises deep underground. If any other elements are present during this process, they affect the diamond’s colour. Diamonds are considered more rare and valuable the closer they are to being colourless.

At American Swiss, we use the G.I.A. (Gemmological Institute of America) scale to grade the colour of our diamonds. This allows you to understand the colour of your diamond and the resultant price when you are looking for the perfect stone.

Diamond Clarity

When a diamond is formed, tiny particles of dust and other minerals can be trapped inside it. These are known as inclusions.

Clarity refers to the internal purity of a diamond – the fewer the inclusions, the more rare and valuable the stone. However, these inclusions make each diamond unique – a fingerprint billions of years old that belongs only to you.

Diamond Carat

Carat refers to both size and weight of a diamond. 

All diamonds above 0.50ct are certified by an independent laboratory.

Diamond Confidence

Because diamonds have such high value, they have become a dangerous commodity used to fund civil wars and oppressive regimes. When they are used in this way, they are known as ‘conflict diamonds’.

With our support for the Kimberly Process, an internationally recognised standard, we guarantee that all our diamonds are conflict free and can be worn with the pride they deserve.


Platinum is the most precious and valuable of all metals. Its natural white sheen makes it a considered setting for precious gemstones and its hardwearing nature makes it the perfect metal for jewellery.

At American Swiss we offer a limited range of platinum jewellery, but we do make to order. Please contact us if you are would like to know more.


Gold has been valued and revered for thousands of years and its bright yellow shine is instantly recognisable. However in its pure form, gold is too soft to work with. To make it suitable for jewellery other metals (alloys) are added to pure gold, making it more durable. This can result in not only a stronger metal but also other colours such as white and rose gold.


Sterling silver is a timeless classic and has been a celebrated metal and form of currency since humans first discovered it. Similar to gold, silver must have other metals added to it to be strong enough for jewellery. While silver is best known for its brilliant polished shine, it can also come in a matte finish, allowing for a range of effects and designs.

Caring For Your Jewellery

By following a few simple rules you can keep your jewellery looking as beautiful as the day you bought it.

  1. Always remove your jewellery when washing your hands or applying perfume and makeup. Never spray perfume on top of jewellery, especially pearls.
  2. Store your jewellery separately to avoid scratching.
  3. To keep jewellery clean, rinse in hot water and dry gently with a lint-free cloth.
  4. Rhodium plated jewellery must be replated annually.

For those occasions when your jewellery needs a little more care, remember that American Swiss offers free cleaning services for all jewellery.