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    Set in 18ct Gold, our Lab Grown Diamonds captivate with their sheer brilliance and perfection. As each Diamond is created in a laboratory, they’re gentler on the earth and guaranteed to be conflict-free.

    Our classic bridal collection is the perfect choice for any eco-conscious couple and features a unique hallmark – a beautiful Diamond bridge that glitters beneath the centrestone. All of Lab Grown Diamonds of 0.50ct or larger have been independently certified to guarantee the excellent quality and authenticity you expect from American Swiss.

    Our goal is to continuously expand our offerings with a drive towards socially conscious practices and products. Our commitment to these principles makes Lab Grown Diamonds a logical addition to our jewellery selection.


    As with everything we do, quality is at the heart of our selection criteria. We guarantee our Lab Grown Diamonds are of an excellent quality with each diamond of 0.50ct and over being independantly certified.


    Diamonds, whether natural or Lab Grown are the epitome of luxury when it comes to jewellery. Our Lab Grown Diamonds offer excellent value when compared with mined diamonds of the same size and grade. It is the perfect gemstone for those seeking the ultimate luxury, beauty and value.